Conserve Our Energy

Living without hot water is a drag. This becomes very clear from the statistics on the use of electricity in homes.

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We need to save Water

Only 2.5% of the world's water is fresh and approximately two thirds of this is locked up in the ice caps and glaciers.

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Preserve Our Green Environment

Society has become consumed with a materialistic lifestyle where comfort is their main concern.

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Implement Better Architecture & Design

The ultimate goal of taking a 'green' approach when building a structure, home or building is to reduce its energy.

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The environment, locally and globally, are under severe threat.

The major contributor to this threat is mankind and our hunger after energy and other scarce resources like water. The question therefore is; how do we balance the need to grow as individuals and families (which are resource intensive) on the one hand with our living space’s need for a more conservative use of these resources for the sake of ourselves and our children’s future?

It is this essential question that Mr Green Consulting (Pty) Ltd is uniquely situated to address. It is the focus of Mr Green Consulting (Pty) Ltd to create holistic solutions tailored around an individual or family’s needs whilst lowering the ecological footprint of the household.