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The changing of our consumption paradigm to a more sustainable conservation paradigm does not necessarily mean a huge expenditure or a severe lowering of lifestyle standards or luxuries. The team at Mr Green (Pty) Ltd is committed to resolve every situation in a personal and tailored way. The team at Green Source Consulting (Pty) Ltd are:

Intoweb Marketing

Intoweb Marketing is owned by Johann Nortje. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, which include MBA’s, experience in the corporate market, presentation and communication skills, to the table. They are both big thinkers and enjoy challenging the boundaries of what can be achieved in terms of efficiency, quality and paradigm influence.

This wonderful team is ready to assist you in planning, adapting to and making of the changes that are necessary today, for the well being of our living environment today and tomorrow; for our and our children’s future sake.


  • Implementing energy sources, water systems and architecture with a neutral ecological footprint.


  • Developing Africa by creating Abundance.
"The best Green buildings are pleasant and healthy places for people...Truly sustainable design transcends mere technical, ecological and economic issues." -- Anonymous