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The Concept of Green Homes

The concept of green homes has been floating about for some time now, however if you were to go up to any member of the public you will find that the subject knowledge is limited to some extent. The average person will easily be able to tell you that a green home is one that is almost completely sustainable, but if they are asked how to go about building a green house you are bound to see a lot of shoulder shrugging and question marks on their foreheads.

The first thing to understand about green homes before going into the technical matters is knowing why it is so important. Over the years we have used and misused our planet and all its resources and consequently have participated in a slow and painful process destined to kill the earth we live on. Building a green home means that you are producing a dwelling that will meet all your needs and requirements without causing harm to the environment which would in turn ensure that future generation will also have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful planet.

The way to do this is by being more attentive to your every move and knowing how it might affect the environment. A sustainable home saves on two of the most important resources this planet has to offer namely water and energy. Building a green home is more than just realizing the repercussions of our domestic decisions but also creating fundamental communities consisting of individuals who lend a helping hand to make the other thrive and prosper.

There are direct and indirect benefits of a green home. Some of the direct benefits include;

  • The comfort level of your home increases considerably if built green. Due to the inspired design and well insulated environments the house will be much cooler during the summer months and will also capture and conserve the heat during winter months. Your surrounding are more in tune with your body due to more efficient lighting systems (artificial and natural) and heating & cooling systems.
  • Green homes are the healthier choice. All green products are constructed to reduce the risk of undermining your health. Despite the benefit of the well thought out ventilation systems the home also has fewer products that have been created from toxic elements.
  • A green home might cost more to build than regular homes, but the return will leave your spellbound. You save on water and electricity and also add great value to your dwelling. Your home cost less to maintain and are more durable.

The indirect benefits might be less obvious but are as convincing to start considering green building. The sole definition of a green home varies due to different influencing factors ranging from climate to culture. Therefore green homes in South Africa might be considerably different to those built in Antarctica. However there is a basic guideline that will lead you in the right directing to building a green home. Read our compressed (yet detailed) article on How to Build a Green Home and start making a change in your community.

Mr Green is proud to be part of the green movement and helping society realize the need for this change. Green homes are incredibly beneficial for the safekeeping of our environment as well as protecting the health of you and your loved ones. For any unanswered question, advice or guidance in regards to living a green lifestyle feel free to contact us.