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Eco Green Building

The term ‘anarchism’ refers to a political philosophy which centres on various theories and philosophies stating the state to be redundant and on the whole harmful and undesirable. The alternative strategy would be to favour a stateless society or anarchy. There are various types of anarchism, each with its own level of influence and different traditions.

Eco green anarchism is a green movement also known as ecoanarchism. The mere mention of the term anarchism often evokes a rather negative response from the general public as well as authorities; however the eco green element of ecoanarchism should by no means have the same reaction. It’s a school of thought that is focussed on the various environmental issues of our world. Solutions for these issues are detrimental for the survival of our planet and the well being of future generations. One of the most effective approaches to achieve this state of sustainability is with eco green building.

Society has become consumed with a materialistic lifestyle where comfort is their main concern. Due to this constant need for cosiness people have placed their own needs far ahead of the needs of our environment. Homes are build to fit a budget, to produce comfort and security and to ensure that the inhabitant have a safe, dry warm place to reside in. A green home however can provide you with all of this and more, people just don’t know it. They often perceive the concept of eco green building as being either a myth or something that isn’t all that necessary. The fact however is that green building and green architecture is incredibly functional and beneficial to the environment.

Mr Green is determined to help you build your own green home and make the world a healthier place to live in. In fact eco green building offers a range of innovative features that won’t only accommodate the needs of the environment but will also insure your own comfort, safety and complete peace of mind. Some of the features of green architecture include;

  • Most interior paints are highly toxic and anyone who has ever lived inside a newly painted home will be able to confess to having somewhat of a headache in no time. With green building people opt for using non-toxic or lead-free paints.
  • Choose your wood products from a company that ensures that their materials are attained by locally grown and harvested forests that are also fully sustainable.
  • Cellulose insulation.
  • Led light bulbs will ensure that use much less energy, not to mention that they can last up 100 times longer than regular bulbs.
  • Solar panels are incredibly effective in generating enough energy to warm water for the entire household.

Mr Green is proud to be a member of the green movement and would like to encourage you to join in. For more information on eco green building please don’t hesitate to contact us!