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Solar Geyser

Living without hot water is a drag. This becomes very clear from the statistics on the use of electricity in homes. The average household spend 60% of their electricity on heating water.

South Africa is one of the sunniest countries in the world, with approximately 309 sunny days per annum in the province of Gauteng. These two facts combined provide a very powerful case for the use of solar water heating systems (SWH). The question is not should SHW’s be used or not but rather which SWH should be used.

There is a variety of options and combinations available:

  • Flat bed solar arrays
  • Evacuated tubes
  • Passive systems
  • Active systems

We at Mr Green prefer to use an active evacuated tube system. This choice has the benefits of maximizing the potential of the sun to heat the water while at the same time delivering an aesthetical solution to water heating. The evacuated tube system also has the benefit of being low maintenance and that the cost of replacing a single tube (if it becomes necessary) is relatively low. System operation is also not jeopardized in the case of a tube failure. The system will keep on functioning albeit at a slightly lower efficiency.

The challenge for every household is therefore to make a Solar Water Heating system an integral part of their energy solutions. This will not only make a substantial difference on the CO² footprint of the household but also save the household a great deal of money whilst enjoying the luxury of warm water.