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Water Overview

Electricity is a renewable resource. On the other hand, water is not. The sum of water in all its forms, frozen, liquid and vapour is all the water we will every have. Only 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh and approximately two thirds of this is locked up in the ice caps and glaciers.

The frugal use of fresh water and the responsible disposing of sewage is the responsible of every person. This is also true for businesses especially large industrial, office and commercial developments.

For different end users the solution to water conservation is different. The private household might look at the installation of water saving showerheads and tap faucets together with water efficient toilets. Rain water harvesting and grey water recycling are some more options that might be implemented.

The same measures can and should be taken by larger end users as well. With larger developments grey water recycling becomes even more crucial together with rain water harvesting and storm water management.

Rural end users might implement some of the above mentioned solutions. They might want to supplement this with sewage management applications like the Biobox system. Water conservation is a shared responsibility, especially in South Africa where we are already experiencing water scarcity (less than 1666 cubic meters of water per capita).